Fab Frankfurt Hotels Under €30


Considered as the gateway of Europe, Germany’s Escort Service Frankfurt has so much to offer to locals and tourists alike. They have a bevy of things to see – from old buildings to modern architectural wonders – and even so much more to do.

As a world renowned tourist spot, most people expect that finding cheap accommodation would be hard – impossible, even. But here’s a treat for you all planning a trip to this marvelous city: five of the best yet most economical places to stay in Frankfurt.


Comfort Hotel Frankfurt City Center

Moselstrasse 23, Frankfurt, Germany 60329

Single Room Nightly Rate: €27.50


Located in Mainhattan, Frankfurt’s downtown, this is a gem for its very economical nightly rate. The exterior of the building is reminiscent of old Germany but the interiors are remarkably modern-looking and, more importantly, has all the modern amenities one would need.


Tip: Air conditioning and several other services have a surcharge so make sure you ask about these first before booking. Also, book ASAP. They have 45 rooms only and, being in the center of the business district, it does get filled immediately.


Hotel Rossija

Moselstr 46- 48, Frankfurt, Germany 60329

Single Room Nightly Rate: €27.00


This hotel is very close to the banking district of Frankfurt, close to Frankfurt’s main train station. Guests can easily walk from here to the popular tourist sites like the Town Square, the Old Opera House and – for those who like to relax after a long day of sightseeing – the historic pubs in the city. Also, their generous breakfast buffet is something everyone should try.


Tip: Don’t cancel less than 42 days before your arrival date especially during the famous Exhibition in Frankfurt. If you do, you are not getting a refund at all.


Smart Stay Hotel Frankfurt Airport

An der Brücke 8-10, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Frankfurt, Germany 64546

Single Room Nightly Rate: €24.50


Found in the outskirts of Frankfurt’s city center, this is one of a few hotels with family suites (although they just have nine). This would be great for those traveling with children since food and beverage here is overflowing for the whole day.


Tip: It has more rooms than most hotels in this listing but make sure that you book early, especially during the peak season.


City Hotel Mercator

Mercatorstr. 38, Frankfurt, Germany 60316

Single Room Nightly Rate: €22.50


While this is not located downtown, it’s still easy to get to the center of Frankfurt and the other scenic spots tourists often go to. Except for that, this is a great place to stay in as all hotel amenities anyone would expect are here.


Tip: If you are driving your own vehicle, it’s best that you stay in hotels such as these because they offer parking lots (with additional fee here). Those in the city center get full easily and it would be harder to find a slot for parking.



Hotel Elbe

Elbestrasse 34, Frankfurt, Germany 60329

Single Room Nightly Rate: €18.50


Found in the heart of Frankfurt and very recently renovated, this is one of the few low-cost yet super comfy places which you could stay in. So book now!