Frankfurt Nightly Fetes You Should Experience


Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany, is possibly the busiest region in all of the country – evident in the number of people you will see bustling about its streets day in and out and the crowds seen in its airport.


But this German hub of economy is not just about serious business people in their stiff power suits. It has its share of fun too. So whether you’re a tourist out for complete leisure or an entrepreneur for work, you shouldn’t miss the boisterous nightlife that this city has to offer.

Now, here are several great places you must try when you’re in Escort Agency Frankfurt, depending on what type of fun at night you have in mind:



Heiligkreuzgasse 16-20 Frankfurt

Live Show


One of the hottest places in town, Tigerpalast has practically everything one would want to see in terms of performances – and that includes cabaret shows and acrobats with animal acts. With four spaces to choose from (theater, fine dining, bar and bistro), there is something for the whole family to enjoy.


Café Bar

Schweizer Strasse 14 Frankfurt



If you’re just out to grab a drink, talk to your friends or maybe meet someone and have a chat with them, this is the place to be. Aside from its cool ambience, people come here because of the nicely-mixed drinks.



Rossmarkt, Frankfurt

Dance Club


Those who love to party and dance the night away will enjoy U60311. It’s filled to the brim during the weekends with locals and tourists grooving to house and techno. Their drinks are also great!


Cocoon Club

Carl-Benz-Strasse 21 Frankfurt

Dance Club


Everyone knows how Europeans like to party so we’ve got the second party place for dancing you should go to. Cocoon Club is owned by the famous DJ Sven Vath so one can expect great music mixing and light shows here.



Schaumainkai 17 Frankfurt



Their patio is a favorite hangout spot, thanks to the wonderful view that it lends especially during the summer. Also, they have great tapas offerings and a great selection of wines, beer and cocktails. They open early in the afternoon and close a little after midnight. With so many people trying to get in, it’s best that you reserve a table beforehand.


Der Frankfurter Jazzkeller

Schaumainkai 17 Frankfurt

Live Performance


It’s a long way from New Orleans where Jazz originated but you can find a lot of performers of this genre, surprisingly, in Frankfurt! And some of the best are in this bar located right at the center of Frankfurt. And while you’re listening to Armstrong, Baker and Gillespie, you can enjoy their great beer selection as well.


Jazzlokal Mampf

Sandweg 64 Frankfurt

Live Performance


It would really seem that Frankfurters love Jazz and Blues with their large cold glass of beer. This here is another great stop for just that. And if you get hungry in the middle of the night, you’ll be glad to know they serve the German staple of pork and potatoes and even light pasta dishes.










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