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Neuss, city on the Rhine, is a fascinating German city, which is unique in its diversity. Both culturally and historically, Neuss has a lot to offer. The Neuss Obertor is the symbol of Germany’s oldest city. It is the largest gate of the former city wall that has survived the centuries virtually intact. About the medieval history of the city of Neuss, there is the Clemens-Sels-Museum to learn more, which is located in the upper gates. Another impressive building is the oldest house of Neuss. The “old coffee” is a typical half-timbered building dating from 1571 in the Michael Street. This building was the only timber-framed house of the Cologne War Two.During a city tour with a lovely escort lady, the gentleman more interested impressive historic buildings over 2000 years old city meet. The Quirinus Münster – a late Romanesque church – is another notable landmark of the city of Neuss. Many valuable pieces of the once magnificent features of the important late Romanesque church were destroyed in the Second World War. Nevertheless, numerous houses of Quirinus Münster precious relics from the past, including the choir, which dates from around 1550.The Barefoot Path in Neuss is an attraction for nature-related and health-conscious people. Equitana a highlight for all horse lovers. Accompanied with pleasure the pretty lady escort the gentleman to the world’s largest horse fair. In Neuss, moreover, also has the fifth season – the carnival – a great importance. The citizens of Neuss-shooting festival is one of the biggest social highlights of the city on the Rhine. The Escort Lady Escort Agency of Neuss will gladly part with the gentleman at this great event.The nightlife of Neuss is also very versatile. In summer, the beach bars and beer gardens to hot nights in Neuss. An excellent menu, which triggers the longing for the sun of Andalusia, is served to the gentleman and his escort in the quaint harbor cozy restaurant “The pepperoni.” For the physical well-being is ensured even in a country house hotel located in Neuss. In the “parlor” regional dishes are served, which taste delicious. The rooms are beautifully furnished, everything right down to the smallest detail. The idyllic garden oasis of country house hotels in Neuss district Grimlinghausen, invites the guests into the warm season to relax.

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