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The Munich Oktoberfest

The Munich Oktoberfest claims  to be the largest folk festival of the world and that`s not just about drinking beer.  In the recent decade it attracted more than seven million visitors. They consumed million litres of beer, a huge number of grilled sausages, chickens and giant pretzels

The Oktoberfest is held annually on a meadow just ouside of the city centre of Munich and lasts something over two weeks.Except eating, dancing and drinking beer the visitors of the festival can enjoy colourful parades as well as quite a number of fairground rides, candyfloss stalls and shooting galleries Also you can admire people in Bavarian gear.

You should book your accomodation, transport and of course your Munich escort companion well in advance because due its fame and popularity the Munich Oktoberfest is a great centre of attraction. But you can still try to plan a trtip on a short notice.

Although the festival ends in October most of it takes place in September. This year ist is from the 22nd of September until 07th of October 2018.

About the history of The Munich Oktoberfest.

The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 in honour oft he wedding beetween Crwon Price Ludwig of Bavaria and Princes Therese of Saxony-Hildeburghausen. The meadow where the festival was held then was named after Ludwigs bride Theresienwiese – or short just called «Wiesn».

For the wedding the people of Munich were invited for five full days to eat, drink, to celebrate and to admire parades, music and a horse race around the meadow on the edge of the city.

What will be the best time to visit the Oktoberfest?

The opening hours are from 10:00 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. – on weekends  from 9:00 a.m. It is pretty crowded on weekends. Thus the locals prefer to visit during the week.

There are 14 party tents in total. For to get a more roiunded feeling  try some oft he tents like the Hackerbräu or the Winzerer Fähnndle. The largest tent is the Schottenhamel with its 10.000 seats. This is also the place where the first beer of the season poured to applause and cheering.

It is recommended to book a place in a tent in advance, especially in the more popular ones. Book ahead using this website.

Is it safe to visit the Munich Oktoberfest?

In the light of terrorist attacks in Europe, including Germany, the security has been tightened. There are fences arround  the main site and security checkpoints. In general the security has been strengthened.. Backpacks and bags with a volume of more than three litres are not allowed anymore on the festival grounds.     


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