Zurich’s Top 5 Five Star Hotels

hotels-zurichSwitzerland’s largest city Zurich is technically the gateway between Switzerland and the rest of Europe. Boasting of over 100 hotels with more than 12,000 beds that provide close to 3 million overnight stays year in and year out, booking your Zurich hotel well ahead of time will surely give you the sense of security of not missing any of Zurich’s many interesting offers.

As in any other major city in the world, Zurich stands at the doorway to many of Switzerland’s natural treasures. It serves as the nation’s major entry point from France and Italy and other key European countries. As such, you can only expect to find the finest hotels in the side of the European continent.

The Dolder Grand

One of Zurich’s oldest and most renowned 5-star luxury hotel, the Dolder Grand has stood as a living testament to the warmth of Swiss hospitality. Since 1899, the Dolder Grand had stood watch over the lake as well as beyond the snow-capped Alps, providing inspirational comfort to its many guests who have found peace in this sprawling complex of accommodation. Standing at an elevated section of Zurich, watching the city skyline on one side and the Alpine heights on the other, The Dolder Grand boasts of 176 dutifully detailed and well maintained luxurious rooms as well as suites. It boasts of regional cuisine that can rival any Michelin-starred dining establishment. If you need to find a truly relaxing time in Zurich, the Dolder Grand is the best place to be.

Baur au Lac

Its 170-year history more than bespeaks of the luxury and superb service of Baur au Lac. Situated within walking distance from Zurich’s central shopping district, the Bahnhofstrasse, and the city’s financial district, the Paradeplatz, the Baur au Lac is perfect for modern-day shoppers and businessmen who would like to have instant access to the important things in their lives without necessarily having to go far. Add to this the distinction of having the hotel situated right in its own park and you have one of the best places to stay while in Zurich.

Widder Hotel

While only having less than 50 rooms on the Rennweg, Widder Hotel is nonetheless one of Zurich’s finest 5-star hotels that is located right in the heart of the Bahnhofstrasse. It is small compared to other five star hotels in the city, yet it oozes with personality that can only be best described as opulent. Its take on contemporary hotel design intertwined in historic architecture is something that draws many clients to the Widder ever year.

Park Hyatt Zurich

The Hyatt brand of hotel chain is known worldwide for its service excellence as well as commitment to luxury. It is no wonder then that it also ranks quite well in Switzerland’s largest city.

Atlantis by Giardino

If you prefer a modern take on what is truly glamorous, Atlantis by Giardino is the hotel to stay. Its modern architectural styling epitomizes the successful marriage between nature and man’s need for development and progress.

As Zurich plays host to millions of visitors every year, it is best to book your hotel accommodation as early as you possibly can.

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