Many of Europe’s fine dining restaurants use only the finest and freshest ingredients of the day in order to ensure the best possible culinary masterpiece to be served to customers with discerning tastes. And when it comes to the pinnacle of fine dining, nothing can compare to a Michelin 3-Stared restaurant. These restaurants guarantee world-renowned high-class dining experiences that will surely bring you to an out-of-this-world dimension.

Here are Europe’s Top 10 high-class restaurants you simply must have to try at least once in your lifetime.

De Karmeliet

The exterior may put you off, but once you enter the elaborately detailed interior, you will understand why De Karmeliet from Brugge, Belgium the best. With a cuisine that screams of the highest standards, the most exquisite flavors, and the absolute harmony and balance of culinary delicacy, De Karmeliet creations make for one truly outstanding dining experience.

Le Chalet de la Foret

A chalet that is adorned with a very lovely terrace, Le Chalet de la Foret in Brussels, sits on the fringes of the Forest de Soignes to give a sense of mysticism and elegance that can only elevate the dishes served. The lavish interiors make for excellent dining experience as one devours dish after dish of meticulously prepared culinary masterpieces.

Le Meurice

With its very lavish interior bathed in the grandeur of the Chateau de Versailles’ Salon de la Paix, it will be a blast to dine at the Le Meurice. Under the stewardship of Chef Alain Duccase, the Le Meurice is the perfect place to relive the glory of forgotten French royal cuisine.

The Table Kevin Fehling

With a long, sexy, and curved table lit by one of the most interesting lighting fixtures in a restaurant, the Table Kevin Fehling in Hamburg is simply oozing with charm and character that it is impossible not to put it in a list of Europe’s best high-class restaurants.

Restaurant Bareiss

Considered one of the best high-class restaurants in Germany, Baeirsbronn’s Restaurant Bareiss dishes out flavorful and aromatically rich culinary creations that marries gastronomic wholesomeness and visual aesthetics.

Solo Per Due

If you require an absolutely romantic, elegant, and truly high-class dining experience, Solo Per Due in Umbria, Italy is a must visit. As the name implies, the restaurant is only good for two. That means, this restaurant set in a 19th century villa is at your service for the entire duration of your dining experience.

La Pergola

With a very panoramic view of the city especially overlooking the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica, La Pergola is the only 3 Michelin Stared restaurant in Rome. Known for its classic Roman architecture and fine arts, dining at the La Pergola is like dining in the Eternal City.

Schloss Schauenstein

Dining in a castle overlooking the Swiss Alps can be considered one of the highest in the class of fine dining. Located in Furnstenau, Switzerland, Schloss Schauenstein provides exemplary food with lavish interiors and a priceless scenery.

Cheval Blanc

Les Trois Rois Hotel in Basel, Switzerland is home to the Restaurant Cheval Blanc with the same flair for the rarest vintages to bathe the Swiss interpretation of French haute cuisine. Add an excellent view of the Rhine and Cheval Blanc is simply outstanding.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

Fine dining at its best, Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester in London is simply a must-visit whenever you are in the UK.

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