Frankfurt: Haven for Foodies


Ask anyone: tourists who are visiting Escort Frankfurt for the second or third time don’t go there for sightseeing. They did that already the first time they were there. So why are they back? Simple: Food.


So if you are thinking of visiting this German amalgam of old and new, see to it that you include dining in your plans. Lucky you, we’re listing down seven of the best eats which foodies all over the world will definitely love.

Café Siesmayer

Siesmayerstr. 59, Frankfurt, Hesse

Price: Budget


This budget Viennese café serves great breakfast, good coffee and a bevy of traditional German dishes for lunch like cauliflower soup and one of the most scrumptious salmon filets in the world. The only bad thing about them is that they close at 7pm. And, yes, that means they do not serve dinner.



Audenstr. 4, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hesse

Price: Budget


Admittedly, it’s hard to find an all-vegetarian food stop in a place where Frankfurters were practically invented. But for those who aren’t fans of meat would be oh-so-happy to learn that there are restaurants for them in this city. And very good ones too like Kartoffelkuch. Their potato pizza, potato and broccoli gratin and potato strudel are to die for!


Altes Zollhaus

Friedberger Landstr. 531, Frankfurt, Hesse

Price: Mid-range


Located at the edge of town, this restaurant serves traditional German and international fare. You can dine inside the all-timber home which is over 200 years old or outside, in their garden on a sunny summer day. Their menu changes every month so it would be a surprise for tourists. But one thing that is constant is that they serve good food – and who doesn’t want that?



Wallstr. 21, Frankfurt, Hesse

Price: Mid-range


If you want something other than pork and potatoes (or got tired of it during your vacation), this is the restaurant you should eat in. Lobster, as the name implies, serves great seafood (oddly enough, lobster is on the menu very occasionally) cooked in various ways. While the influence here is very French, it is a favorite among locals so this is a definite must-try.


Doepfner’s Im Maingau

Schifferstr. 38–40, Frankfurt, Hesse

Price: Expensive


If you are willing to spend a bit more on really good Frankfurt food, this white linen tablecloth and candlelit restaurant is the place you should be. Their amazing dishes prepared by Chef Jörg Döpfner include ham, veal cheeks and other delicious German favorites. And did we mention that their cellar has some of the best vintages?



Neue Mainzerstr. 52–58, Frankfurt, Hesse

Price: Expensive


In this list, Maintower is the priciest. But if you are preparing well for your trip, you should definitely include this in your budget. Located on top of the building where Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen is, part of what you’re paying for – besides the great food – is the amazing view of the city center.


While German influences in Frankfurt are quite strong compared to other cities when it comes to food, you will find so many serving dishes from around the globe too.











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