Munching in Munich: Restaurants You Should Eat In!


Sausages, pretzels and beer: those three are what Germany – Munich Escorts, most especially – are known for. And in this amazing list of good eats in this part of Bavaria, we’ve got the best places where you could find those local treats. Those who are looking for other delicacies won’t be dismayed either because we’re counting down great restaurants where you could find them!


Platzl 9, 80331 München


This is probably the first in so many bloggers’ and foodies’ top lists of Munich restaurants to dine in. And because it really is, we’re also ranking it as the first in ours. There is no other more genuine or German in the whole town, as it is a hall with numerous Germans (some in lederhosens and all) singing arm-in-arm with large mugs of beer in their hands. Sure, it is quite the tourist place that one would think locals would never visit this place. But it’s just so fun that you will see tons of them here.


Tegernseer Tal Bräuhaus

Tal 8, 80331 München


Of all the restaurants in Munich serving traditional Bavarian dishes, this is possibly the best. First of all, it’s not ancient-looking compared to the others which didn’t even bother to renovate. They just fixed theirs very recently and has been rewarded well for it. Secondly, their Schweinebraten mit Knödel and Obatzda are just plain delicious and filling.


Café Glockenspiel

Marienplatz 28, Munich


Right at the center of Marienplatz, this is one of the most famous spots in Munich. This café, named after Glockenspiel, the local town hall, which can be viewed directly this spot, serves great beer and good coffee. Because of the light dishes they serve, it is best that you come here for brunch. But do come in early because it gets filled so quickly and the queues outside gets long.


Schwabinger Kartoffelhaus

Hohenzollernplatz 4, 80796, Munich


Germans love their potatoes. So if you were a German in your former life (and love taters just like the locals) or a vegetarian who wouldn’t dare try a bit of sausage; you will definitely love the numerous spud recipes which they have come up with. The interior is very Bavarian too so you can bask in it or take as many selfies as you want with your authentic German potato dish.



Viktualienmarkt 15, 80331 München


Opened only last 2005, this is actually a reconstruction of a 19th century building that was ravaged by fire back in the 1930s. Admittedly, this is too modern-looking for those looking for something that is historical. But if you want to sample numerous dishes, both local delicacies, foreign fares and fusion food for the whole day, this is the place you should be in.


Speaking of foreign cuisine, Munich has a lot of those nowadays such as the French and Italian Maras Soir and the Asian inspired Tantris. So for those who are planning to stay in town for a long time and don’t want to fill themselves with the Bavarian standards, try visiting some of the aforementioned food stops.




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