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The city of Augsburg was founded in 15 BC and was named Augusta Vindelicorum after the Roman Emperor Augustus. It is the third oldest city in Germany after Neuss and Trier. Augsburg is also the third  largest city in the state of Bavaria after Munich and Nuremberg. The population oft he city is about 284.000 citizen. Geographicly, Augsburg is situated at the meeting point of the Alpine rivers Lech and Wertach with direct access to the most major  Alpine passes.

To reach the city and meet one of our  staggering escort Augburg ladies the main road link is via the Autobahn A8 which connects Stuttgart and Munich. The public transportation system oft he city is splendidly developed and extended all over central Swabia. There are seven regional railway lines, five tram lines, 27 city bus lines and not to forget several taxi companies. The Augsburg tramway network alone is right now over 35 km long. There are 7 railway stations in Augsburg connected by ICE services to Munich, Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Even a French  TGV High Speed Train connects Augsburg with Paris.

Augsburg became also famous by the two patrician families, the leading bankers the Fuggers and the Welsers. They rose to great prominence in the city. The Fuggers donated the Fuggerei which is a part of the city`s housing project for its needy citizens and which is still in use since 1516.

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The main sights of  Augsburg which are worth a visit are The Renaissance style town hall with ist Golden Hall, the Perlachturm, a bell tower built 989, the already mentioned Fuggerei, the Fugger Palace, the restored home oft he Fugger banking family, the Cathedral, the Augsburg textile and indusry museum, the Mozart House where W. A. Mozart`s father Leopold Mozart was born just to mention a few oft he city`s landmarks.

Recommended is also a stroll through the Augsburg Botanical Garden with your mind-blowing escort girl. Why not attend a performance at the Augsburg Puppenkiste, a very well renowned puppet theatre?

There are also born some very notable people in Augsburg like Leopold Mozart, a violinist-composer and father of W.A.Mozart. Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, the famous writer Bertholt Brecht and many others.

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