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For those theater-lovers who are visiting Bern and happy in the company want to attend a performance or other, to make as attractive escort ladies Bern escorts available. The lovely ladies of the Escort Bern Escort Agency accompany the gentleman also like to stroll through it.

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Switzerland is a country with a stunningly beautiful city, regions, and an equally impressive capital. Bern has to offer tourists a lot. The theaters of the city of Bern will provide diverse entertainment. The Chamber Theater will play at the 200 pieces a year on. The Ensemble Theater - the Theater of Bern - offers both music events and ballet and drama performances. In the wonderful old town of Bern and also several small basement theater are located, among others, the Bern puppet theater.

A nice trip in the southwestern city of Bern is very rewarding. In Mattenhof-Weissenbühl, a Bernese six districts, the Marzilibahn invites you to a leisurely drive in airy heights. From the mountain station of the funicular Marzili-town offers visitors a magnificent view of the mountain ranges. The district-Mattenhof Weissenbühl is also famous for its Marzili, which is directly on the river Aare, at the foot of the hill, is perched on the Houses of Parliament. The Aare in Bern bath allows one hand to bathe in the river and also provides an additional pool. At the northern tip of Marzili is the men's bathroom, also there is also an extra compartment for nude ladies with the catchy name Paradiesli. Romantic, dreamy, but not sleepy, is the picturesque old town of Bern. The old town of Bern has been one since 1983 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. An excellent piece of jewelry on the river Aare is the old town of Bern, which is characterized by historic but also modern buildings. The narrow alleys of the old town invite you to a contemplative walk with a charming escort lady who can be booked through the escort agency Bern. Very impressive figure, moreover, are the fountains of the city by the river, of which there are altogether 11 in number. Visitors to the city of Bern are both in the Old City and in other parts of the city Bern distinguished hotels. The hotel superior business and lifestyle Hotel Allegro is a 4-star hotel, which means business travelers and private travelers always welcome and treated to a first class service.

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