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Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic and scenically very versatile, which is attractive both for tourists and for ladies and gentlemen that will stay for business reasons in Brno. The Czech Republic is likewise provides for a culinary journey with a beautiful escort lady. A magnificent castle from the 19th Century is located in the immediate vicinity of the Brno Exhibition Centre and offers guests a Parkhotel Brno modern rooms, swimming pool, sauna, garden and restaurant as well as a bar.The impressive cave Macocha, 50 km north of Brno. More than a thousand caves of Moravian Karst features, including 4 caves can be explored by visitors. In the old town of the Moravian city of Brno there is the crypt of the Capuchin Order, which is still in the mummified remains of monks buried there, and supporters of the Order of the 18th Century are to be preserved always good. Also in the Moravian town of Brno is the fortress of Spielberg, whose history goes back well into middle age. She served over the centuries both as a castle and fortress, barracks was also in prison.Today the castle Spielberg, (this is the German name of the fortress in Brno) at the same time and culture destination site, also in the exhibitions. A restaurant caters to the physical comfort of the castle guests. From the fortress of Spielberg, the visitors of the castle, a magnificent view over the city of Brno. Willingly itself a charming escort lady Brno will be available for a private escort trip to the fortress of Spielberg. The pretty escort leads the Lord likewise quite charming by Brno in order to show him the highlights of the Czech city.The Mercury Fountain, located in the courtyard of the Moravian Museum, which is also worth a visit is not only an impressive piece of art, but nevertheless also of historical significance. A very handsome architectural building the Mahen Theater, which was built according to designs by architects Hermann Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner. Take a look to our ladies in Escorts Munich. A historic building with impressive sculptures and a marble staircase. The Mahen Theatre in Brno has an eclectic repertoire, which is characterized by different cultural events and theatrical performances. The cultural interest of the escorts of the escort agency Brno provides the gentleman during the theater visit with pleasure society.


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