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Luxembourg City is the capital city of the Grand Duchy  of Luxembourg. The city has about 115.000 inhabitants and is the country`s  most populous commune. Together with some neighboring towns the city`s metroplitan population reaches 180.000. The entire country has a population of a little more that 500.000. Discover this interesting city with your escort Luxembourg lady and admire the picturesque site on a promontory, situated high on precipitous cliffs which declines into the narrow valleys of the rivers Alzette and Pétrusse which merge in the city of Luxembourg. These rivers cut 70 meters (230 ft) deep canyons which are spanned by a series of bridges and viaducts like the Adolphe Bridge, the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge and the Passerelle. Luxembourg is set on several levels

Luxembourg City covers an area of approx. 20 sq mi (or 51 qkm) or about 2% of the country`s total area. This makes it by far to the largest urban area of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Large areas of the city are parks, forests or important heritage sites, especially UNESCO sites. There are even large regions of farmland within the city limits.

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It is recommended to begin exploring the deeply interesting city of Luxembourg starting with its historic Old Quarter which is a World Heritage site since 1994. It is a great place to admire the old fortifications, the beautifull parks and gardens the cobbled streets with its charming old homes and buildings or cross the many bridges with your escort Luxembourg lady.

Luxembourg City which is one of Europe`s most historical important cities offers a list of must-see museums. On top of the list is the National Museum of History and Art located in the old town centre. The museum`s collects include art objects, archeological fins, furniture , tools, coins, arms and documents dealing with the history of Luxembourg. If you like modern art to have to visit the famous Mudan Luxembourg-Musée d`Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean. There you can admire collections of world reneowned  artist. Another museum woth a visit together with your escort Luxembourg companion is the Contemporary Art Gallery which shows a first class collection of visual arts.

Other  eminent landmarks are The Bock and the City Casements you can discover with your Luxembourg escort lady. On Bock cliff you`ll find the entrance of the renowned Casemates.  This is a 21 km net of underground rock-hewn passages which can shelter thousands of people as well as equipment, horses, Workshops, kitchen ecc.   Ou can explore these impressive Casements which cover about 40.000 quare meters .From the Bock plateau you have beautiful views of the suburbs of Luxembourg.

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The tiny Luxembourg has still an impressive line-up of exclusive restaurants. Many of the frist-class restaurants serve mainly French cuisine. But there are also an excellent regional and international cuisine on the rise like fish and pork, sauerkraut, Thüringer sausage, potato pancakes as well as apple-based dishe. Of course, don`t  forget a local wine from the Moselle valley.

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